Next Workshop will be dedicated to Raspberry Pi

Veronika Dubovcová

June 12 2019, 1 min read

Raspberry Pi is big phenomen in the field of technology and we are able to utilize it´s potential in Industry 4.0.

We released a D2000 SCADA version for Raspberry Pi, which have the same options like common D2000, but it´s dedicated for small computer. In our next workshop, we are going to show you the possibilities of working with D2000 on Raspberry Pi computer and how to easily install D2000 Client.

D2000 Workshop II. 2019 - D2000 for Raspberry Pi has following program:

  • Raspberry Pi Image download
  • SD Card installation (it´s necessary to have an SD Card reader in your laptop or external SD Card reader)
  • Installation of D2000 Client
  • Installation of Raspberry Pi, login and IP adress setup
  • Presentation of running web server
  • Remote connection via CNF and HI
  • Basic functionality - turn on and turn off the Raspberry Pi, start and close D2000 application, status
  • Differences between D2000 for Raspberry Pi and basic D2000 for other platforms

Online version of presentation of this topic will be available soon!

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