for Raspberry PI

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Use Case: SCADA Server

An application server containing all necessary D2000 server processes. Thick clients (D2000 HI) from Windows or web clients from any platform can connect to the application server.

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Use Case: Remote Comm Server

Remote communication server with KOM archive functionality, which enables it to work offline after loss of connection to the server (for example, due to network problems).

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D2000 V12.0 for Raspberry PI

Latest version of D2000 SCADA for Raspberry PI available!

Download now and try it for free.

Discover new possibilities with D2000 SCADA on Raspberry PI

Try the most stable and longterm automation system for building your own SCADA system on RPI computer. Connect all devices you need, run the real comunication, automatize and control processes, get and track the realtime data, archive them and do the analysis.


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