The latest version of our SCADA and MES application platform

Latest version for Raspberry Pi available now! Try to build your own SCADA system on the small computer device.

What are the new features and innovations brought by the V21?

Our platform is constantly evolving in order to help you develop the best solutions for industrial automation. D2000 and its cross-platform compatibility, connectivity to a vast array of PLCs and databases, support of open standard technologies, and rapid development and deployment make it an ideal platform for any SCADA or MES system.

The D2000 development team worked hard to implement many new features into the latest version. Thanks to the new features, the D2000 application platform has a more modern design and is even more compatible, secure, and user-friendly.


Version control system

The Version Control System enables detailed auditing of configuration changes and helps to make the process of application development much more efficient. It also simplifies the application maintenance process. It extends the development possibilities including application versioning, controlled application development, keeping track of all application configuration changes, and auditing and identifying sources of configuration changes.


The ESL editor

To implement the latest trends in app development, we introduce the ESL editor. The editor was based on the Monaco Editor framework. Monaco runs under the Visual studio. Thanks to the new editor, you can develop your industrial automation systems like SCADA and MES with improved features like IntelliSense support with code completion, parameter info, and quick info. Code navigation was also made easier with go to definition, go to references, peek, and minimap.


Communication and integration

D2000 extended the list of supported communication protocols and communication features. The new protocols include the Siemens SIMATIC 3969(R) CW, the Omron FINS, and the General Electric SRTP Protocol. New features are enriched by the new line “RFC2217 Client” and browsing in IEC101 and IEC104 protocols. Innovations in the area of communication & integration make the new version even more compatible.


KNX Protocol

In this video, our colleague Marek will explain how we implemented the KNX protocol for home automation. He will also show you the implementation in practice with a live preview of the application with a model smart home.


D2 Real Factory

D2000 is adding two new object types: Device and Device definition. The D2000 Real factory concept arising from this addition will significantly improve user experience and broaden the development possibilities.


Access to D2 Data from PYTHON

The latest version of D2000 also enables accessing the data from Python. Now you can use the available data analysis tools to clean and visualize the input data with Pandas️, efficiently transform them with NumPY and utilize machine learning with TensorFlow.


License Management

Our colleagues Slavo explains the new possibilities for licensing the D2000 products provided by the brand new license server. The innovation brings more flexibility and simplifies the whole licensing process.


New design of user interface

Arguably, the most visible innovations brought by the D2000 V21 are the changes in the user interface and user experience. The D2000 went through a significant visual makeover. Thanks to the new visual, it has a more modern design than the previous versions.


And so much more...

The new features falling into the extended security and license management categories react to the current needs of our customers to continuously update our security features and mitigate the new threats emerging in the cyber world. Thanks to them the V21 is more secure. The last big change was titled the D2000 Real Factory Design. This truly revolutionary new feature will significantly broaden the possibilities for the developers using our platform in the future. New types of objects called Device definition and Device serve as structural variables and help to streamline the development process. And that is not all. These were just some of the new features. Information about other changes will be coming soon.

Download and install new version

D2000 V21

Latest version of D2000 SCADA is available!

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