Ipesoft D2000 SCADA

Time-proven industrial automation solution.


Real-time software technology

Used for designing application solutions in the field of production, energy and trading systems.

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Data acquisition and visualization

This platform is the perfect choice for applications which need to ensure data acquisition from industrial controllers, data visualization and archiving, control of technological processes, design of balance tools and preparation of summaries and the integration of various business systems.


Verified by Large-Scale Applications of Critical Significance

Due to their unique characteristics, these unique software technology and its related products rank among the world’s top products in the field of real-time information technologies.


Unlimited programming platform

Take advantage of D2000 full potential! Use all tags you need, establish communication with all your devices and use D2000 in demo mode to build your own SCADA for free.

Multiplatform deployment

D2000 SCADA is a multiplatform technology with flexible deployment options, with the possibility to combine components distributed on several platforms within one installation.

D2000 For Windows & Linux

Installable on 32/64 bit architectures for Windows 7+ and 64 bit Linux distros.

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D2000 for Raspberry PI

Installable as image for Raspberry PI 2/3.

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Public demo pages

Following demo applications are implemented in specialized web components - Thin Client and Smart Web.


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