Key Features

Online system configuration

Unique features of the IPESOFT D2000® technology provide downtime-free modification of target applications directly in the production environment. Naturally, there is also another option to use the classical approach involving development, testing and production environment. In specific cases, application changes can be implemented directly for the clients by trained system administrators.

Connectivity for all most frequently used PLC

Communication openness is one of the powerful IPESOFT D2000® features. IPESOFT D2000® technology contains over 80 real-time communication protocols used in power engineering and industry, including IEC 60870-5-104, IEC 60870-5-101 and IEC 60870-6/TASE.2 (ICCP) protocols with a possibility of further extensions. IPESOFT D2000® provides commanding and collection of digital and analogue telemetry data by means of a 3-level object hierarchy – link, station, I/O tag. There is an option for every level to define various parameters for capturing variables, backup communication lines, etc.

Define custom algorithms and scripts in IPESOFT D2000® ESL and JAVA languages

The system includes custom script language with a wide range of applications:

  • Remote procedure calls, standard expressions
  • JAVA support and its integration with JVM
  • Script starting at a particular event or periodically (seconds to days)
  • Parallel event processing
  • Optional script tuning performed by users in full system operation (debugger).
  • Integrated libraries used for XML files and libraries for the file operations
  • Integrated libraries used for relational databases (ODBC, OCI)
  • Optional usage of external libraries DLL (C/C++, Ada95)
  • Support for server-side (technology management) and also client-side (application forms) scripting

Multi-language support

Thorough Unicode implementation enables to create applications in any language, including Russian, Chinese, etc. Your applications can run simultaneously in multiple languages. Language selection is defined for individual users.

High availability and system stability

IPESOFT D2000® is designed in Ada 95 language – a military standard for writing highly critical, reliable and safe applications. The system can be configured for downtime-free, i.e. 24/7 operation.

Long-term technology data archiving

Measured and calculated values together with time marks are stored in a real-time archive database (IPESOFT D2000® ARCHIVE). IPESOFT D2000® enables to store shift and also periodical data. IPESOFT D2000® features provide automatic calculations and aggregated periodic data storage from the source shift data using some of the prearranged features (average, weighted average, integral, etc.). IPESOFT D2000® performs autonomous maintenance of the maximal database size by individual setting of the archiving depth for each archive object. The data older than the defined history depth are automatically deleted from the main database and moved to so-called depositories. The depositories can be archived on external backup media and, if necessary, reconnected to the system to perform online data analyses.

Client/server architecture

Multi-layer client/server architecture allows the feature scaling of individual servers within the system. Real-time processing of a large data amount is provided by Dynamic Object Data Model (DODM – an original IPESOFT technology). DODM is essentially a real-time image of all measured and calculated variables in the system core memory (kernel IPESOFT ® D2000) optimized for a large number of processed objects and a large number of simultaneously working users.

Web client support

IPESOFT D2000® allows an alternative access to the system via a web browser. All real-time schemes, graphs and trends configured for fat clients are automatically accessible also for thin clients without the necessity to reconfigure them. The limit is only determined by lower web browser performance comparing to fat clients and by the subsequent restrictions for the display complexity. Thin client schemes can be fully displayed also on tablets and mobile phones that operate on the Google – Android platform.

System diagnostics

IPESOFT D2000® includes system diagnostic tools (monitoring of processes, individual objects, groups of telemetry points, etc.). Monitoring of individual system parts is visualized in the users' images together with an option to define alarms for any system part outage.

System redundancy

The system redundancy of IPESOFT D2000® is secured on all levels – on a real-time core, communication, computing, managing and alarm processes levels and also on configuration and archive database levels.

Widely scalable alarm subsystem

IPESOFT D2000® includes a highly-developed mechanism for creating and processing alarms. All alarms are sorted into groups by their importance. Alarms are well arranged in a hierarchical tree structure. Every alarm requires an operator's confirmation. Moreover, alarm states and their acknowledgment are archived for a long period in the system monitoring database.

Secured system operation with no maintenance needed

IPESOFT D2000® is designed for downtime-free operation for several years. Archiving subsystem provides automatic monitoring of database sizes. The data older than the defined archiving depth are automatically deleted.

HMI history mode

Presentation screens can be used in the history data browsing mode which allows analysing individual changes of multiple values sequences in a time period during very fast operations.

Imaging layers

Objects on graphic presentation screens can be saved in various layers. Individual layers are then displayed for users according to presentation scheme zooming.

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