Latest Release of D2000 for Windows Available Online!

Boris Čonto

June 28 2019, 2 min read

Great news for all D2000 users! We just published a brand new version of D2000 programming platform for Windows and it is available online. D2000 V12.0.61.u3 has new features and also fixed bugs. What do you need to know about it? Changes in our components are going to help you with building.

Download latest release of D2000


In the Johnson Controls N2-Bus protocol, support for TCP-IP/TCP line has been added. Multiple names/IP addresses separated by a semicolon or comma can be entered for support of redundant configurations with multiple PLCs or multiple Moxa NPort serial servers in TCP mode.

An issue was corrected in the Onesoft Devices protocol for SoftControl devices. The error was in processing of the default values of parameters "Begin of Write Block" and "End of Write Block".
Workaround was possible - to change the default parameters 157 resp. 284 to 156 resp. 285.


In IEC101 (Master, Client, Balanced) protocols, the "System Redundancy: Manages A Status Address" link parameter was added to allow to ignore values from an inactive control system (SystemA or SystemB) on a system-redundant line (SerialOverUDP System&Line Redundant). This parameter copies the behavior of the Telegyr 809 Server protocol parameter with the same name.

In the KOM process, a modification was made for the OPC UA protocol - after changing the I/O tag configuration, a request for reading the current value is generated.

In Modbus Client protocol, a "big-endian" addressing of text strings was supported. These are strings that have 1 byte per character and are transmitted in "big-endian" order, i.e. characters of string "123456" are sent in order "214365". Addressing is supported by syntax An, e.g. A10 is a 10-registers (i.e. 20 characters) string.


A new bitmap has been added to the Bitmap object that is being drawn when the object is in a forbidden state. When this bitmap is not specified, the first bitmap is used.


Fixed crash of graphic editor when copying object using CTRL + C and CTRL + V.

The multiline text must have an option checked and placed on top. Without this setting, windows does not display multiline text.


In the list of predefined local variables, the _LOGF_MANUALENTRY variable was renamed _LOGF_DATAEXPORT. Therefore, the ESL scripts that used it contained a syntax error. The variable has been added to the list of predefined variables and has the same value as _LOGF_DATAEXPORT.

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