How I started smartWeb

Marek Bodorík

April 13 2023, 3 min read

D2000 offers besides communication protocols also the smartWeb plugin which allows communication between the D2000 and the PC web interface and also mobile phone.

Installation of the smartWeb platform is quite easy and I will show you how I did it.


The smartWeb platform is implemented as an application for the Java EE application server Tomcat running on the Java platform. This application server is also part of the D2000 installation and runs on Java delivered with the D2000 version. In the first step, it is necessary to decide whether we want to install Smart Web. On a Tomcat server supplied within the D2000 or on the separately managed Tomcat server independent of the D2000.

Both installations have advantages and disadvantages, which can be summarize as follows:


Tomcat within the D2000

Standalone Tomcat server

Easy to deploy

Tomcat does not need to be installed and managed separately from the D2000 because it runs as a D2000 process with a .WSC extension

Tomcat must be installed and managed independently of the D2000

Deployment flexibility in the DMZ

Deployment in a DMZ is not appropriate due to the need to install and configure a separate instance of D2000

Ideal for stand-alone installation in DMZ

Ad-hoc upgrade Tomcat Server

upgrade Tomcat is tied with the D2000

Tomcat can be upgraded ad-hoc independently of the D2000

The first step of the installation process is the configuration of the SELF.WSC process. I started by the coping the folder

D2000_EXE/templates/config/proc/_.wsc into the folder of my application  D2000_APP/config/proc/ and then rename it to self.wsc. These folders are in the installation directory on your disk.

After that copy another file called  D2000_EXE/web/smartweb.war to the folder  D2000_APP/config/proc/self.wsc/base/webapps/ .

In the next step, I unzipped file D2000_EXE/web/ to the folder D2000_APP/config/proc/self.wsc.

When all files are set, it was important to start the processes that allow D2000 to communicate with the smartWeb. They are SELF.DCS and SELF.WCS. I started the process SELF.DCS by d2connector.exe which is located in the bin folder of the installation directory. In the same bin also wssc.exe which starts the SELF.WSC process.

The proper way how should smartWeb run it is to enable autostart of these processes in the CNF environment.


When everything was set I downloaded the Insomnia program for testing, I tried JSON format. According to the documentation, the JSON message looks like this:

In the D2000 it is necessary to create an event E.SmartWebApiTutorial, there will be an RPC method called TestInOut. The RPC method is in the next picture.

The post request which I sent to D2000 was:
You can see the response from the D2000 on the following picture:

This means you can call many RPC methods from the D2000 which allow you to show data on your web in real-time.

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