Do you know, where your electricity is from?

Veronika Dubovcová

August 28 2019, 2 min read

We are working with very critical systems on a daily base. For example, the whole electricity systems of several countries are based on our D2000 programming platform. Trying to do our best every day can sound very exhausting, but it is energizing.

Electric energy is the big thing these days. We are electrifying everything, because it can make our life much easier.

You wake up on time, because your smartphone or smartwatch, which were charging all night, had an alarm set. You can have a hot shower, while your coffee machine is making a cappuccino and your smart TV, connected to your Wi-Fi, is playing your "wake up happy" playlist. You brush your teeth with your electric toothbrush and get into the elevator. You come to work, open the electric lock on the doors with your ID card... we could continue by naming the whole daily routine, but as you can see, almost every single thing uses electricity. Can you imagine the world without electricity? It is almost impossible nowadays.

That's why we are proud of our work. D2000 has been managing very important parts of electric energy production in Slovakia and Serbia for many years.

All references of D2000 solutions

We are working on powerful and comprehensive solutions for liberalized energy market, incorporating energy trading, risk management and financial optimization of suppliers and producers of electricity. We have supplied and installed new hardware and software, automated data acquisition, processing and visualization systems for dispatch control centers in many electric power plants. These solutions need a very stable and flexible platform, which D2000 SCADA definitely is.

Energy production - distribution of electricity

We are controlling very difficult processes of electric energy distribution from many power plant stations to your homes. Because of various options of getting electricity from water power plants, atomic power plants, photovoltaic power plants etc., we have to adjust our solutions in so many ways.

Atomic power plant in Slovakia

We need to know what the weather will be like, because of photovoltaic power plants and their electricity distribution, which depends on the amount of sunlight. Then, we can work with other power plants and getting electric energy from them. Every power plant depends on the others and there are really difficult calculations for optimizing electrical power. The process of getting electricity is very long, now automatized and optimized, and we are still working on getting better and better results. And everything is based on the D2000 programming platform.

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