Do you know what is the most important thing in critical apps?

Veronika Dubovcová

April 08 2019, 1 min read

D2000 by Ipesoft is here for more than two decades. Our people, who are developing software solutions on a daily basis, are behind the success of our story. And the language used is behind their success.

Not English or Spanish, the secret is a special programming language offering mainly stability. The right choice is the Ada programming language, which is fulfilling all our needs. We are producing very critical applications, controlling huge powerplant systems, water systems, etc., where mistakes aren´t allowed. Real-time features, strong type checking and real-time errors detection for avoiding vulnerabilities are the most important things for us.

Thus, language is the answer of this question. That´s why we are AdaCore positive. Do you want to join us? Become our OEM partner and help us to develop better solutions for Industry 4.0.

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