New Release Available! D2000 V12.0.61.u2 is here

Boris Čonto

May 24 2019, 1 min read

Great news for you, dear downloaders! We just published new release of our D2000 programming platform and hope, that your program will be much better than before.

Download D2000 V12.0.61.u2

There is list of changes in our latest release:

Component ARC

An error concerning reading from depositories was corrected. This error could cause that reading data from script using GETARCHVAL action could return older data than were available in depository database.
Also reading of data for time intervals (from HI or from script via other GETARCH* actions) could return older values outside the specified time interval.
This error was created when implementing change request D2D-3494 (storing current values of historical objects into depository database during depository creation).

A new configuration parameter OldValIgnoreAge lets you ignore values older than the specified time (in hours). The parameter can be set at runtime with the SET_OPTION command. If the debugging category DBG.ARCHIV.IGNORED_VALUES.OLD is enabled, the information about discarded value is logged in the file.

Component CNF

After saving an object in CNF, if unknown objects were used, the user was informed only of the first one. The others were not displayed. Correction extends the number of displayed unknown objects to a maximum of ten.

The opening of a configuration dialogue for the configuration of structured variables took too long. Currently, the time for opening is not dependant on the size of the structured variable.

Component GRED

We did a speed optimization of opening display palettes.

Component HI

Popup menu opened after right-clicking was wrongly located. The setting of the scheme segment (when enlarging it) was happening in a different place as was the mouse location.

Correction of the shift of the scheme segment by a mouse. When shifting, windows components and objects having their own windows did not move.

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