Infoday 2019 was great. What is new in D2000?

Veronika Dubovcová

November 25 2019, 3 min read

Introducing the latest version of D2000 V12.2. brings several changes, helpful for the users. Our colleagues, experts for the individual fields of D2000, made interesting lectures about important edits in the D2000 V12.2. enviroment.

Workshop was dedicated to the latest news of yearly upgrade in the D2000 programming platform. The lectures showed you that we have been working with new communication protocols since the latest release, also we were talking about interesting topic of working with time in the different timezones and time changing in D2000 SCADA. One of the most interesting things is the brand new application module SysRorrim for the application sync in the standard development cycle.

In the latest version D2000 V12.2. are big changes in the User Interface with the new application design. Many improvements are also in the SmartWeb, where you can build your dashboards with simple and intuitive drag&drop method. We have upgraded a security standards to the highest level in our latest release.

We also look onto a practical showcases of statements in the schemes and bring a case study about implementation of D2000 in Linux - Red Hat. There was also a short look into the future plan of workshops for the 2020 and we also mentioned the options of support for D2000 users.

Here is the list of topics presented at the D2000 Infoday 2019 and we will bring you a sights to every topic in the individual blog post.

Introducing of the latest release D2000 V12.2

New features in communication protocols

D2000 in different time zones

Application sync for the standard development cycle

Properties and examples of using graphic components

SmartWeb enhancements (WYSIWYG) and new visualization options

New system features

Statements in schemes

Case Study: D2000 implementation for LINUX - Red Hat


Workshop plan for 2020

Thanks for your interest in our yearly software update workshop!

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