This is the insight to real programs, which can show you how to automatize and manage processes in few schemes, how to monitor production and control devices.  See the real use cases with D2000 programming platform.

Gas flow optimization scheme
Gas flow optimization graph
3D visualization of water management system
Hydroelectric power station - turbine control
Paper production - substance preparation
Cross section of hydroelectric power station
Heating plant - energy production
Production of glass fiber - addressed transport
Energy production - distribution of electricity
Balance graphs of technological production
Pressure system in hydroelectric power station
Energy production - ash stack
Production of glass fiber - cooling station
Hydrology and energy production 
Energy production - another model of electricity distribution
Technological production - analysis of production cycles
Technological production in sewage treatment plants
Scheme of energy production in heating plant
Monitoring of energy production
Fiber glass production on DDCS line scheme
Monitoring of technology production
Balance of rail transportation
Energy production at TASDR terminal
Energy production control
Rail transportation balance
Substance preparation in paper production
Monitoring of rail transportation
Monitoring of measurements in hydroelectric power station
Balances in technological production
Production of heat energy
Energy production in heating plant
Monitoring of technological production
Another model of electricity distribution in energy production
Glass fiber production and transportation
Graphs of technological production proces
Production of glass fiber - electric heating

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