Release Notes D2000 Server 22.0.74.u2 (EN)

D2D-4856;Zistenie rozmerov schemy;Implemented functions %GetPictureConfigWidth and %GetPictureConfigHeight for getting scheme resolution from configuration

D2D-6090;%FIO_Flush - doplniť funkciu;Implementovaná nová funkcia %FIO_Flush

D2D-6293;Udalost OnNewDiaTrendTimeInt vracia zly subcase;

D2D-6295;Oprava načítavania histórie objektov v CNF pri použití PostgreSQL konfiguračnej databázy;A bug that caused CNF to display the entire history of all objects when the configuration database was on the PostgreSQL platform was fixed.

D2D-6299;Nastavovanie Authentication Level v OPC DA a OPC HDA protokoloch;"Microsoft has implemented security hardening to address the security issues described in CVE-2021-26414. See ""KB5004442—Manage changes for Windows DCOM Server Security Feature Bypass (CVE-2021-26414)"" for more details.
The ""Authentication Level"" line parameter has been added to reconfigure the D2000 KOM client. It may be necessary to set the value of this parameter higher than the default RPC_C_AUTHN_LEVEL_CONNECT to reenable OPC DA/HDA communication.

Note: if the OPC client and server are on the same computer, no modifications are required."

D2D-6300;OPCUA server - zverejňovanie premenných typu TmR, Pr, St, Al, Qx;In the OPC UA Server, support for publishing values of the type TmR, Pr, St, Al, Qx has been added.

D2D-6304;Nová funkcia %GetObjTechUnit;The function returns the technical units of the object specified  by its unique identifier (HOBJ).

D2D-6307;Parameter /XOV pre GtwCli v transparentnom móde;"A new parameter parameter /XOV was added in the D2000 GtwCli process. It can be used to specify object names that will not be transferred in transparent gateway mode.
Example: The transfer of all structured variables except system structures can be achieved by specifying /ROVSV.* /XOVSV._System*"
D2D-6309;Parameter /MON pre GtwCli v transparentnom móde;"A new parameter parameter /MON<expression,replacement> was added in the D2000 GtwCli process. It can be used to specify regular expressions and their replacements. In transparent gateway mode, regular expressions will be searched for in object names and replaced.
Example: Deleting the string ""MPPS."" in the names of the opened objects can be achieved by specifying /MONMPPS.,
Replacement MPPS -> MES can be achieved by specifying /MONMPPS,MES"
D2D-6310;Monitorovanie do suboru - uprava;

D2D-6313;Oprava arcsynchro pre komprimované trezory;An error in arcsynchro utility has been fixed. The error showed when filling depository segments on the PostgreSQL platform. If the segment #0 was already compressed and different segments (1, 2, etc) were being filled, the synchronization was not performed.

D2D-6317;Chybne prekreslovanie grafu v pasmach;

D2D-6321;Oprava výpočtu vypočítaných zmenových archívov;"A bug in the implementation of calculated filtered archives was fixed. The bug was introduced during the implementation of D2D-6205 ""Recalculation Optimization"" and occurs in patches newer than 12.11.2021.
The workaround is disabling the isochronous cache."

D2D-6326;Dbmanager: podpora práce s BLOB hodnotami v textových premených;"The DbManager process can read BLOB fields into text variables. By default, it tries to interpret the string as UTF-8. If the start parameter /DBX is specified, then it will convert individual letters to hexadecimal code according to the ASCII table, i.e. if the BLOB contains the string ""ABC"", then text ""414243"" is assigned to a text variable."

D2D-6330;Oprava zriedkavého časového hazardu pri prepočte vypočítaných archívov;A rare time hazard has been fixed in the recalculation of the calculated archived objects. The hazard only occurred on systems with intensive calculations and with multiple write tasks configured. As a result, some calculations were not completed, which resulted in the PendingStatRequests column in the SV._System_ArchivPerformance system structure never dropping to zero.

D2D-6333;Oprava protokolu IEC62056-21:2002 File I/O na platforme Linux;A bug causing the KOM process to crash on the Linux platform was fixed in the IEC62056-21:2002 File I/O protocol.

D2D-6334;Archív - Vylepšenie ladenia pre skriptom plnené archívy;"New debugging categories have been added in the D2000 Archive process:

DBG.ARCHIV.MANUAL_UPDATE_VALUE - listing for processing of  UPDATEARCHVAL action and manual value editing in HI
DBG.ARCHIV.MANUAL_INSERT_VALUE -  listing for processing of INSERTARCHARR action
DBG.ARCHIV.MANUAL_READ_BEFORE_IU - when inserting values with UPDATEARCHVAL and INSERTARCHARR actions, it is first checked whether the value is present in the archive. If so, it is not inserted. If the DBG.ARCHIV.MANUAL_READ_BEFORE_IU.DBG debugging category is enabled, the value is printed.
The SET_OPTION command has been extended to include a WATCH_OLD_VALS clause, which can be used to list primary archives that received values older than the defined time."
D2D-6336;Podpora %IGNORE adresy meraného bodu pre viaceré protokoly;"For the following protocols, support for the %IGNORE address of I/O tags has been implemented:
IEC 870-5-101
IEC 870-5-104
IEC 870-5-104 Server
IEC 870-5-104 Sinaut
IEC 62056-21:2002 File I/O
IEC 62056-21:2002 Serial

D2D-6338;Oprava pri prepočte vypočítaného zmenového archívu;"A bug that could occur when recalculating the calculated on-change archive was fixed.
The error was caused by modification D2D-6205 ""Recalculation optimization (RECALC)"" from October 26, 2021."

D2D-6342;Kernel - Oprava aktualizácie zoznamu pri premenovaní objektu v dôsledku XML importu;"A bug that prevented the object list from being updated after renaming an object due to an XML import was fixed in the kernel. (The update after manual renaming in CNF worked flawlessly).
This error manifested itself in the transparent gateway, which after such renaming did not receive notification of the list change and did not subsequently request new object names from the gateway server. The workaround was to restart the transparent gateway after the XML import that changed the object names."

D2D-6348;Opravy exportu dat tabulky grafu;

D2D-6351;Dbmanager: podpora príkazu CLEAN_STATEMENTS;The CLEAN_STATEMENTS command was implemented in the DbManager process. It can be used to clear the cache of precompiled statements on the PostgreSQL platform (the DEALLOCATE ALL statement is executed). Cleaning can make memory usage more efficient and, in some cases, speed up the database.

D2D-6354;Oprava akcií DBS_UPDATE_BLOB a DB_UPDATE_BLOB pre súbor s veľkosťou 32768 bajtov;A bug in the DbManager process that could cause a problem when updating a 32768-bytes BLOB using JAPI (JAVA API) was fixed.

D2D-6355;Archív - oprava strácania sa hodnôt pri prepnutí redundancie;A bug was fixed in the D2000 Archive process that caused the Archive not to archive a value that was changed during redundancy switching (before the D2000 Archive was able to connect to the new HOT server).

D2D-6357;Korektné ošetrenie exceptionCode 06 (Server is busy) v protokole Modbus Client;More correct handling of exceptionCode 06 (Server is busy) was implemented in the Modbus Client protocol. Receiving such an exception will not invalidate the points being read (unlike receiving other exception numbers).

D2D-6358;Zvýšenie limitu pre čítanie súboru FIO_ReadWholeFile na 5MB;Maximum file size for read was increased from 1 MB to 5 MB

D2D-6360;Tell príkaz RELOAD_VALUES pre D2000 Archív;A new command RELOAD_VALUES was implemented in the D2000 Archive process. This allows you to force the retrieval of the latest values of the selected objects from the database. This feature is applicable e.g. in test or development systems in which some archive objects (eg script-filled archive objects) are inserted into the archive database by an external tool (arcsynchro) and the D2000 Archive does not know about this fact.

D2D-6363;Parameter /NES pre DBmanager;A new parameter /NES (no empty strings) has been implemented for DbManager  (ODBC version). This causes the empty string to be written to the database as NULL (behavior compatible with Oracle, which understands the empty string and NULL as identical).

D2D-6370;Archív - oprava čítania z PostgreSQL trezorov s kompresiou dát;Readings from PostgreSQL depositories with data compression have been fixed in the D2000 Archive. If the depository contains no data for the time interval being read, it returned the value before the start of the depository time, instead of the value before the start of the required interval.

D2D-6372;Archív - optimalizácia čítania dát z trezorov;Improvements in reading data from the depositories for the Oracle and PostgreSQL platforms have been implemented in the archive. If, while reading the data of a specific archive object, it is found that the N oldest connected depositories do not contain any data, this information is stored in the archive memory. Subsequent reading will no longer access these oldest depositories. Mounting the depository (older than the stored depository number) resets this information.

D2D-6373;Oprava synchronizácie dát z trezorov;A bug was fixed in the arcsynchro utility that caused a malfunction when synchronizing data from depositories - the synchronization of columnar and structured archive objects did not work.

D2D-6375;Oprava memory leaku v obsluhe SerialOverUDP linky;"A memory leak in the handling of the SerialOverUDP line was fixed in the KOM process. The memory leak occurred if multiple lines were incorrectly configured and had the same ""Local Port"" parameter value (multiple lines cannot listen on the same UDP port)."

D2D-6379;Archív, arcsynchro - oprava práce s časovými rezmi;An error causing incorrect work with time slices has been fixed in the D2000 Archive process and Arcsynchro utility. The result could be data loss (the data is in the archive but in the default time slice). An error was introduced while implementing the device.

D2D-6381;Oprava pingovania na platforme Linux;"In the D2000 Server process, the pinging of IP addresses was fixed, which was redesigned within the ""D2D-6220 IPv6 support in the KOM process""."

D2D-6383;Pád Event handlera pri vykonávaní akcie OPEN ... DIRECT;The crash occurred when the OPEN ... DIRECT action was performed in the context of the EVH process.

D2D-6400;"Podpora parametra ""Hour Subdirectories in Archive"" v protokole EDW LPEX V2.0";"A new parameter ""Hour Subdirectories in Archive"" was implemented fo the EDW LPEX V2.0 protocol. This parameter activates the archivation of processed files into subdirectories according to the hour within day (i.e. 00 to 23).
In case of a large amount of processed files, further processing of the files is simplified by this."

D2D-6415;KNX protokol - podpora typov DPT_TimeOfDay, DPT_Date, DPT_DateTime;In the KNX protocol, support for the types TimeOfDay (3-byte relative time), DPT_Date (3-byte date), and DateTime (8-byte date and time) was added - DPT_TimeOfDay, DPT_Date, DPT_DateTime.

D2D-6419;DbManager - Oprava akcie DBS_READ pre dáta typu BLOB(BYTEA);A bug was fixed in the DB_READ/DBS_READ action in the D2000 DBManager process. If this action was called with the parameter maxRows_Int=-2 and returned 1 row, then for BLOB data (BYTEA in PostgreSQL) the data was displayed in hexadecimal format.

D2D-6424;HI - Ovladacie okna - dialogFunction = FNCT_INFO_OBJ umoznuje nastavit hodnotu;Fixnuta chyba kedy ovladacie okno umoznovalo nastavit hodnotu aj ked dialogFunction = FNCT_INFO_OBJ

D2D-6425;Podpora Mode D v protokole IEC62056-21;"In the IEC62056-21 protocol, Mode D support (passive reading of data without sending a request) has been added. It is activated by the new ""Passive Mode"" protocol parameter."

D2D-6427;KOM proces - podpora zredundantnenia pre existujúce implementácie OEM protokolov;The /RXN startup parameter has been added to the D2000 KOM process, which changes the behavior of OEM protocols in redundancy. If the D2000 KOM process is passive, the procedures for reading/writing/reading stored data/setting the current time (ReadAllPoints, ReadPoint, WritePoint, ReadStoredData, TimeSyncRequest) will not be called, which at least for implementations of simple request-response type protocols is sufficient as an adjustment for the redundancy of the D2000 application. Additionally, for TCP/IP-TCP and TCP/IP-TCP Redundant lines, switching the D2000 KOM process instance to passive closes the TCP connection/connections.

D2D-6431;Možnosť zmeny UUID pre systémové štruktúry;In the D2000 Kernel process, the option to enable the change of the UUID of system structured variables with the /NS startup parameter has been added. This feature can be useful if it is necessary to transfer their values through a transparent gateway to another application (in combination with renaming system structured variables and maintaining a transparent gateway based on UUID).

D2D-6436;Archív - oprava chyby spôsobenej zväčšením rozmeru SV;"In the D2000 Archive process, a bug was fixed, which manifested itself in such a way that when the number of rows of a structured variable was increased, the existing calculated archive objects (and also other calculated/statistical archives depending on these) were incorrectly recalculated (for a new row). This happened if the size of the archive objects (or the objects on which they depended) was not defined using the structured variable in question, but using the size of another archive.
As a workaround, restarting the archive or defining the size of the archives using the structured variable in question could be used."

D2D-6437;Archív - oprava závažnej chyby archivovania v release 21.1.72;"In release 21.1.72, a serious error was corrected. The error occurs in structured archives (columnar/matrix) if time slices are enabled.
The consequence of errors is the writing of values in the wrong time slices and thus missing data when reading.
In addition to repairing the archive, it is necessary to repair the archive database and consolidate the data in time slices."

D2D-6438;Archív - oprava prepočtu vypočítaných zmenových archívov;"A bug that could cause incorrect values for archived objects that depended on on-change calculated archived objects.
The bug was introduced during the implementation of D2D-6205 ""Recalculation Optimization"" and occurs in patches newer than 12.11.2021.
The workaround is disabling the isochronous cache."

D2D-6439;KOM - oprava zasekávania komunikácie pri ukladaní objektov;In the KOM process, a bug was fixed that caused freezing of communication and the KOM process itself (e.g. it did not respond to TELL commands) after saving an object (line, station, I/O tag). Patches from June 7, 2021 and later were affected by the error.

D2D-6440;Implementácia parametra RecalcOptimize pre D2000 Archív;"In the D2000 Archive process, the RecalcOptimize parameter has been added, with which it is possible to turn on the optimized recalculation of the time interval (RECALC) even for periods that are outside the data range in the isochronous cache, or even if the isochronous cache is not active.
The optimized recalculation consists in reading the original target data before the calculation and then comparing the original data with the recalculated ones. Data that is identical is not deleted and reinserted."

D2D-6446;Dbmanager - Oprava čítania Boolean premenných (DBS_READ) pre dbmanager_ora;An error during reading Boolean variables was fixed in the D2000 DbManager process. An invalid was read instead of the correct value. The error concerns only dbmanager_ora and version 21.1.72.

D2D-6582;Kalkulačka - oprava funkčnosti v redundantných systémoch;A bug in the D2000 CALC process was fixed. It caused duplicate recalculations of periodic calculated points after switching the redundant system. That could  e.g. damage functionality calculated points that used the %PrevV function.

D2D-6599;EDA - rozšírenie funkcie %Compare;EDA-L function %Compare accepts as parameter value for unfulfilled condition vector variable.

D2D-6600;EDA - funkcie %GetVectorId, %GetVectorName;New EDA-L functions %GetVectorId and %GetVectorName for getting vector id or name were implemented.

D2D-6601;EDA - informácie o DB taskoch;New EDA server tell command GET_DBTASK_INFO was created to show information about currently executed action by client based on database task id.

D2D-6608;Nová callback funkcia GetOemProtName v KomAPI;In KomAPI, the GetOemProtName callback function was added, which is used to convert the protocol number (OEM_Prot1 to OEM_Prot16) to a text name (specified as an application parameter OEM_Prot1_Name to OEM_Prot16_Name)

D2D-6615;Kom - zatváranie TCP spojenia pre Generic User Protocol na pasívnom KOM procese;TCP connection closing for Generic User Protocol on the passive KOM process was fixed. The passive KOM process did not close TCP connections for the Generic User Protocol, which could cause problems when communicating with devices that could handle only one TCP connection.

D2D-6616;ESL Editor - Zmeny počas ukladania sa neaplikujú;Disabled editing while script saving

D2D-6618;"Podpora ""File I/O"" linky pre Generic Use Protocol";Support for reading from a file using the File I/O line was added for the Generic User Protocol. It is possible to read one line at a time or the entire file at once. After reading, the file can be deleted, archived, or left alone.

D2D-6619;Nefunkcny vyber bmp pre zalozky;

D2D-6621;Automatický BEGIN/END pre SQL_EXEC_PROC pre Oracle databázy;"The BEGIN and END clauses were supplemented
to the SQL_EXEC_PROC action (stored procedure call) of DbManager working with the Oracle database, so that the stored procedure can be called and at the same time the DBG.DBMANAGER.SANITIZE option remains activated.
A stored procedure call for Oracle looks like this:
BEGIN TEST_PROC(:par1,:par2,:par3); END;
now it is possible to call it without BEGIN/END and semicolons, which will be added:
In this way, there is no need to turn off protection against multiple SQL commands executed within one action (DBG.DBMANAGER.SANITIZE)."

D2D-6627;ESL Editor - Zobrazenie počtu záznamov pod jednotlivými záložkami (počet poznámok, ladiacich hlášok ...);ESL Editor - displaying entry count in title of some panels (compilation, notes, debug, breakpoints)

D2D-6628;Kom - MODBUS Client protokol: optimalizácia čítania po viacerých zápisoch;In the Kom process in the MODBUS Client protocol, reading after multiple writes was optimized. Until now, each write caused a request to be generated to read all registers of the specific type (e.g. Holding Registers). The optimization causes multiple registers of the same type to be written followed by a single read.

D2D-6630;EDA - podpora pomenovaných parametrov vo funkcii %LoadVectorData ;EDA-L function %LoadVectorData supports calling with named parameters.

D2D-6631;EDA-L funkcia %GroupAggregate;New EDA-L function %GroupAggregate has been implemented. Function calculates aggregations of values belonging to the same value group.

D2D-6634;Reportovanie použitia iného typu ako definícia štruktúry v parametri RECORD;reporting wrong object type in RECORD variable definition

D2D-6635;Funkcia %RToStr akceptuje ako prvý parameter aj hodnotu atribútu \HBJ;"The function also converts the value of the \HBJ attribute.
For example:
_h := %RToStr(Sec\HBJ, ""00000"")
Before the change, the resulting value was invalid."

D2D-6636;"Modbus Client protokol - podpora ""hesla"" pre prácu s riadiacimi jednotkami ComAp";"""Password"" support for working with ComAp control units has been added to the Modbus Client protocol on the TCP/IP-TCP line. Immediately after establishing a TCP connection, it is possible to write a defined sequence to the specified address. This entry serves the ComAp control unit as an authorization."

D2D-6639;EDA - cachovanie neintegrálnych popisných a intervalových vektorov v globálnej cache;Caching of calculated values in global cache of non-integral descriptive and interval vectors has been implemented. Integral values are still cached only in client cache.

D2D-6645;SDD2K-367 - CNF WatchDog Error;Disabled scheme script closing in ESL Editor

D2D-6646;Kom - podpora zadania oneskorenia v časových parametroch stanice s presnosťou na milisekundy;In the D2000 Kom process, support for entering a delay in the time parameters of the station with an accuracy of milliseconds has been added. This feature will be used by applications for which the resolution for seconds is too coarse.

D2D-6648;Archív - oprava vypočítaného zmenového archívu počítaného pri čítaní;In Archive, a wrong timestamp of the calculated on-change archive calculated on-read has been fixed. The error occurred if this archive was used from another archive as an argument of the %Arc_GetValue function. The calculated value was returned with the time that was the argument of the %Arc_GetValue function, instead of the correct time (depending on the values of the source archives of the calculated archive that was the argument of the %Arc_GetValue function).

D2D-6650;Kom - Podpora zastavovania komunikácie v ICCP protokole;"An option to stop existing communication has been added to the ICCP protocol. Communication will be interrupted if all ICCP stations on the line are switched off (StOff). When the communication stations are subsequently switched on (StOn), communication is restored.
This feature can be used during ICCP reconfiguration (adding/removing I/O tags and changing configuration parameters of the ICCP protocol). After switching off and re-establishing the communication, the changes in the configuration are applied (since, for example, the creation of the list of required ICCP objects takes place during the establishment of the communication)."

D2D-6651;"Kom - nový parameter ""Read After Write"" pre Modbus Client protokol";"A new ""Read After Write"" parameter has been added to the Modbus Client protocol, which can be used to disable readback after writing to an I/O tag.
By setting the parameter to the NO value, it is possible to reduce the load on communications (especially serial ones) with a large number of writes."

D2D-6655;Kom - vylepšenia a opravy browsovania pre IEC-61850 protokol;Browsing in the IEC-61850 protocol was fixed (if the server split a list of objects on several pages, only the first page was requested). Browsing improvements were also implemented, consisting of the graphical display of icons for complex objects (including value, time, and quality indicators) as well as the setting of the addresses of these items when selecting a point in the IEC-61850 browser. The option to enter the text address of the component (eg $t, $q, or $mag$f) was also implemented.

D2D-6659;Archív - možnosť zobrazenia skriptom vkladaných dát v budúcnosti v grafe;In the D2000 Archive process, the option to read data that was inserted into the archived object with future time (i.e. predictions/plans) and to display it in the graph has been added. Until now, the graph displayed data only for the current time.

D2D-6667;Archív - oprava čítania štatistiky typu časový rez;"An error in reading statistical archives of the ""time slice"" type was fixed. On 20.12.2022, a bug was introduced into the archive, which caused that the data for such archives was not resampled when reading (no 'K' values were added)."

D2D-6669;Kom - Podpora vstupných meraných bodov typu Ai, Ci pre Single Command/Double Command / Regulating Step Command v protokoloch IEC-104, IEC-104 server, IEC-104 Sinaut;In the IEC-104, IEC-104 server, and IEC-104 Sinaut protocols, support for input I/O tags of type Ai, Ci for Single Command (ASDU 45, 58), Double Command (ASDU 46, 59) and Regulating Step Command (ASDU 47, 60) has been added. Until now, only Di/Qi I/O tags were supported.

D2D-6670;Kom - oprava spracovania getVariableAccessAttributes-Response pre polia štruktúr v IEC-61850 protokole;

D2D-6678;ESL Editor - Oprava názvoslovia v zozname premenných skriptu/schémy;Fixed naming in list of scheme/script variables

D2D-6680;ESL Editor - report nepoužitej premennej pri použití v CALLJ;Fixed reporting unused variable when used in CALLJ

D2D-6681;ESL Editor - Počas editácie akcie preblikáva inline nápoveda;Fixed inline hint appearing and disappearing while editing action

D2D-6683;Prenos spontánnych OldVal hodnôt cez gateway a do API procesov;Support for a spontaneous transfer of old values (OldVal) through the gateway has been added. Until now, OldVal values were routed only to the D2000 Archive process. The D2000 Gateway Client was able to request the values with the GETOLDVAL command. Newly, old values (e.g. from communication) are also directed to the D2000 Gateway Server process (*.API) and thus also to other API processes. From there they are transferred to D2000 Gateway Client processes.

D2D-6684;ESL Editor - Oprava chýb vo všeobecných nastaveniach;Fixed small bugs and translations in editor settings

D2D-6689;ESL Editor - Chýbajúca funkcionalita pre nastavenie Suggest: Insert Mode;Implemented missing functionality for setting Suggest: Insert Mode

D2D-6691;Kom: Rozšírenie KomAPI funkcie TraceComTextFile o dynamickú podporu adresárov;"The KomAPI function TraceComTextFile has been extended with dynamic directory support. If the FileName parameter contains the name of a subdirectory (eg ""subdir1/mylog""), such a directory will be created if it does not already exist."

D2D-6692;Možnosť otvorenia definície štruktúry z popup okna v ESL Editore;Opening D2000 object from popup in ESL editor

D2D-6693;ESL Editor - Upraviť text ak neboli v kompilačnom paneli nájdené žiadne záznamy vyhovujúce filtru;Added text for empty list in compilation panel in ESL editor, when filter is set.

D2D-6694;ESL Editor - Podporenie zbaľovania/rozbaľovania regiónov ;Added support for folding/unfolding regions in ESL editor

D2D-6696;Úprava odsadenia po doplnení end_loop zo zoznamu návrhov;Fix indentation after selecting suggestion for END, END_LOOP, ENDIF, ELSE, ELSIF and EXCEPTION_HANDLER

D2D-6699;Zobrazenie informácií o parametroch po výbere procedúry alebo funkcie zo zoznamu návrhov;Show parameter info after selecting procedure or function from suggestions

D2D-6700;Podpora potvrdzovacieho znaku (čiarka) pri písaní premenných, konštánt alebo objektov systému D2000;Support commit character (colon) for suggestion selection of variable, constant or object of system D2000

D2D-6702;ESL Editor - umožniť obnovenie breakpointov po zatvorení eventu;Breakpoints are saved when closing script and it's possible to restore them in panel Breakpoints

D2D-6703;ESL Editor - Po zatvorení záložky skriptu sa zobrazí záložka naľavo od nej, nie naposledy prezeraná;After closing script in ESL Editor, last visited one is shown

D2D-6704;Reportovanie nekompatibilnej tabuľky a štruktúry pri operáciách DBS;Validation of used structure for DBS_* actions

D2D-6705;ESL Editor - Zobrazovať hodnoty položiek štruktúry v popup okne;Displaying value of item of structured variable in debugging

D2D-6706;Kom - oprava pádu v protokole IEC61850 ;In the IEC 61850 protocol, a bug was fixed that could lead to the crash of the KOM process when parsing the InformationReport message when the I/O tag was configured incorrectly (non-existent object).

D2D-6713;ESL Editor - Použitie zoznamu RPC procedúr v CNF pre zoznam návrhov eventov;Suggestions in ESL Editor contains all D2000 Events and editor track external changes

D2D-6714;Kom - opravy a vylepšenia paralelného browsovania vo viacerých protokoloch;"In B&R PVI, DNP3, KNX, ICCP, IEC61850, Ethernet/IP, BACnet, IEC-101, and IEC-104 protocols, fixes have been made so that browsing starts on the correct line task (rather than on the global task).
In the Ethernet/IP, BACnet, ICCP, and IEC61850 protocols, parallel browsing from multiple CNFs has been improved (as browsing dialogs are not closed but hidden, they should not block other users)."

D2D-6715;Oprava pádu KOM procesu pri použití OEM protokolu na linke RFC2217.;"The non-functionality and crash of the KOM process when using the OEM protocol on the RFC2217 line was fixed.
The handling of unsolicited IAC WILL  and IAC DONT  messages that some RFC2217 servers may generate has also been improved."

D2D-6716;ESL Editor - Predčastné ukončenie parsovania pre statickú analýzu;Fixed prematurely finished parsing for static analysis in some cases

D2D-6726;Oprava pádu KOM procesu v protokole IEC-104 na linke TCP/IP-TCP Redundant pri poslaní synchronizácie času;In the IEC-104 protocol on the TCP/IP-TCP Redundant link, the crash of the KOM process, which occurred if time synchronization was enabled on the station, was fixed.

D2D-6734;Oprava správania KOM procesu so stanicou s nakonfigurovaným odkladom po chybe;"Fixed the behavior of the KOM process with a station with a configured ""Delay after error"" parameter. If the station was in an error state and the post-error communication delay was applied, important messages were discarded (e.g. saving the I/O tag). The fix consists in deferring such messages and processing them after the configured delay time has expired."

D2D-6742;"ESL Editor - Podporiť ponúkanie ""inline"" návrhov";Providing inline suggestions in script

D2D-6743;Kom - vylepšenia v protokole Ethernet/IP;"Improvements regarding reading values have been implemented in the Ethernet/IP protocol. The improvements are activated by the ""Use Multiple Service Packet Service"" protocol parameter and consist in packing several reading requests into one message. The size of the request and response is limited by the ""Max Packet Size"" protocol parameter."

D2D-6748;Rozšírenie funkcie %FileSize;The %FileSize function was extended by a second parameter - Units (default 1024). So it is possible to find out the size of the file not only with accuracy to kB but also to bytes if Units=1.

D2D-6749;ESL Editor - Bocny panel s aktualnym callstackom;Added side panel showing current callstack while debugging

D2D-6753;Rozšírenie ladiacich informácií pri akcii EXPORT_CSV;If the action fails with a return code of 1, extended information is written to the process log file to help identify the cause.

D2D-6755;ESL Editor - Panel so štruktúrou skriptu;Added script structure to side panel of editor

D2D-6756;Kom - podpora zápisu v protokole IEC61850 (SBOw);"Support for writing (Select Before Operate With Enhanced Security+Operate) was added to the IEC61850 protocol. Other types of writing were experimentally supported (e.g. Select Before Operate With Normal Security) but are not tested.
Support for both structured writing and writing by components were added and tested."

D2D-6757;Memory leak v ODBC.Thick.Statements;

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