Improvements and bug fixes V10.1.39.u4 (build 04)

for D2000 V10.1.39.u4 (build 04)

************ Improvements ***************
************** 27.4.2020 ****************

D2D-5322 KOM
The functionality of the ""Check Receive Length"" parameter for I/O tags reading binary Modbus registers using functions 1 (Read Coils) and 2 (Read Discrete Inputs) has been corrected.

D2D-5487 CNF, KOM
In IEC 62056-21: 2002 Serial protocol, new parameters have been added that allow more flexible configuration of data reading from profiles:
- Profile Read Mode (standard/block reading + variants with sending password P1)
- Profile Read Block Length (block size for block reading)
- Profile Read Formatted Execution (specification of special command)

D2D-4970 ARC
A new configuration parameter OldValIgnoreAge lets you ignore values older than the specified time (in hours). The parameter can be set at runtime with the SET_OPTION command. If the debugging category DBG.ARCHIV.IGNORED_VALUES.OLD is enabled, the information about discarded value is logged in the file.

D2D-5008 KOM
In the KOM process, a modification was made for the OPC UA protocol - after changing the I/O tag configuration, a request for reading the current value is generated.

D2D-4598 KOM
In IEC101 (Master, Client, Balanced) protocols, the ""System Redundancy: Manages A Status Address"" link parameter was added to allow to ignore values from an inactive control system (SystemA or SystemB) on a system-redundant line (SerialOverUDP System&Line Redundant). This parameter copies the behavior of the Telegyr 809 Server protocol parameter with the same name.

D2D-5127 ARC
In the D2000 Archiv process, protection of write actions in the script has been improved (UPDATEARCHVAL, INSERTARCHARR). Correct handling of a case where a user tried to write to a structured archive as if it were unstructured (column and row equal to 0) was implemented. When unhandled, this operation could cause the archive to end with an error.

D2D-5222 KOM
Handling of responses for AT+CSQ command was improved in SMS Gateway protocol. Some modems (e.g. Huawei E3372) sent an unexpected multiline response, which D20000 KOM was unable to process and subsequently SMS messages could not be sent.

D2D-5234 CNF, KOM
In the IEC 870-5-101 Server protocol, the DataClass parameter has been added to control whether the server is sending data as Class1 (default), Class2, Class1/2. Another option is to send replies to commands as Class1 data and all other data as Class2 data.

D2D-5272 ARC
The Tell command REOGANIZE has been enhanced so thatn a tablespace can be specified. Now it is possible to move a table to a specific tablepace on the PostgreSQL platform.

D2D-5332 ARC
The calculation of archive objects for the archive with depositories has been optimized. If an archive object has never had a value, when calculating archive objects which depend on it , the archive will not try to read the value from the depositories, even if they are available.

D2D-5514 KOM
In AMiT ATOUCH32 DB-Net protocol, optimized matrix readings (INT_MX, LONG_MX type variables) were also supported for Di, Dout I/O tags.
If there are multiple configured /O tags (not only Di, Dout, but also Ci, Co, Ai, Ao) with the same WID and Type, and if the ""Enable Matrix Read"" parameter is enabled on the station, they will all be read by one optimized matrix reading.
At the same time, the crash of the KOM process during matrix reading (variables of INT_MX/LONG_MX types) into Di, Dout I/O tags and writing Dout I/O tags into matrix was corrected.

************** 7.12.2020 ****************

D2D-5801 KOM
Within the callback calling of  GetPoint/GetFastPoint, the value of PointPar.ppPtVal (of KomUniVal type) was set according to the current value of the I/O tag. This can be used for slow protocols using reading in blocks (e.g. Modbus type) to detect if the Transient flag is set. If so, writing to the I/O tag is in progress and setting the value of the I/O tag due to reading should be avoided.

D2D-5728 ARC
The following error in the archive has been fixed: if the source for the statistical archive is another statistical or calculated archive with storing of the interval start time, then the calculation was not corrected after calculating the source data for a specific interval. During the first calculation, not all data may have been available yet, after the calculation of the source data, the correction recalculation did not take place. The workaround was to manually trigger the correction calculation with the RECALC tell command. The error only concerned continuously calculated archives.

***************** 25.8.2021 ********************

D2D-5801 KOM
Within the callback calling of  GetPoint/GetFastPoint, the value of PointPar.ppPtVal (of KomUniVal type) was set according to the current value of the I/O tag. This can be used for slow protocols using reading in blocks (e.g. Modbus type) to detect if the Transient flag is set. If so, writing to the I/O tag is in progress and setting the value of the I/O tag due to reading should be avoided.

**************** Bugs *******************
************** 27.4.2020 ****************

D2D-5415 DBM
In the DbManager process, several bugs related to reconnecting to a database after a connection breakdown have been fixed. All errors were related to connections opened by SQL_CONNECT using a connect string (as an alternative to a Database object).

D2D-5003 CNF, KOM
In the OPC UA protocol, the KOM process crashed when browsing if there were different CNF/KOM architectures (32-bit CNF and 64-bit KOM or vice versa). Patches for both CNF and KOM process must be applied.

In the cfgsynchro and cfgsynchroauto utilities, a bug was fixed that caused a synchronization error on PostgreSQL platform, if there was a line with ""Local Port"" greater than 32767.

D2D-5074 EDA
Vectors, scenarios, and groups used in EDA-L script might have been wrongly cached as non-existent if there was no database connection during script compilation.

D2D-5094 KOM
In process D2000 KOM, a bug that caused memory leaks when saving lines and stations was fixed.

D2D-5154 CNF, KOM
In the Johnson Controls N2-Bus protocol, the MaxErrors parameter has been added. If the number of errors in one reading cycle reaches MaxErrors, further I/O tags will not be read. The default value of 0 disables this behavior.

D2D-5163 KNL
An error that could lead to application crash (crash of D2000 Server process)  was fixed. This error could be demonstrated by configuring a archive object with publishing value to structure (if instead of publishing value to a specific structure column - e.g. SV.Test [0] ^ Col1 the value was published into the whole structure - e.g. SV.Test).

D2D-5215 GTW
A bug in the Gateway Server process has been fixed. This bug occurred when deleting objects on the D2000 Server to which the Gateway Server was connected.
If an object that was transmitted by the Gateway Server was deleted, the Gateway Server did not close that object. As a result, it remained in the list of deleted objects on the D2000 Server, and it was not possible to recreate the object with the same name.

D2D-5232 KOM
In the IEC101 server/balanced (secondary) protocols, the checking of FCB bit has been added. If it is the same in two messages received in succession, the previous reply should be repeated to the master according to the standard (the message is considered duplicate).
The discarding of redundant data has been added in the IEC101 client protocol. If a correct response has been received and there is still some data after it (e.g. a duplicated response), it is discarded.

D2D-5236 ARC
Functionality of CALCSTATFUNC action when calculating selected statistics for periodic archives was fixed. CALCSTATFUNC gave erroneous results for periodic archives when used to calculate statistics _STAT_F_INTEGRAL, _STAT_F_WGAVG, _STAT_F_GT_TIME, _STAT_F_GE_TIME, _STAT_F_LT_TIME, _STAT_F_LE_TIME, if the end time was in the future. It calculated a result as if  the last valid value of the source periodic archive was valid until the end of the interval. After correction, each value is considered valid only for a period equal to the period of archivation.

D2D-4873 DBM
An error in DbManager when working with DECIMAL and NUMERIC data (eg DECIMAL (20,4)) on MsSql platform has been fixed.
The error caused the insert/update operation to return an error
(HY104)[Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver]Invalid precision value

D2D-5326 DBM
A crash of DbManager process due to calling SQL_BINDIN without previous SQL_PREPARE was fixed.

D2D-5331 KOM
If a structured control object (default value or output control) was configured for I/O tag, it was not functional after the start of the KOM process. Only the change of its value during the running of the KOM process (or saving of the I/O tag) caused the change of the I/O tag value.
Similar problems could be encountered with evaluating of the I/O tag limits if the limits were configured as structure items.

D2D-5428 DBM
An error was fixed in DbManager that caused it to crash when empty operations for PostgreSQL or an unknown database were turned on. At the same time, empty operations for PostgreSQL database were implemented.

D2D-5150 ARC
An error affecting GETARCHVAL action was fixed. This error could cause the GETARCHVAL action to return old values for periodic archives filled from script that have value playback enabled.

D2D-5015 KOM
In the IEC 870-5-104 Sinaut protocol, a new ""Ignore Flagged"" parameter was added. If allows to configure flags (A..H) to cause the value to be discarded. The parameter was required by practice when it was necessary to filter out the values with the ""Non-topical"" flag (mapped into G flag) that came from the communication partner.

D2D-5474 KOM
A bug that led to the KOM process crash has been fixed. The crash occurred after changing the value type of the I/O tag (eg Ci -> Ai), which had the destination structure configured, when a new value arrived.

D2D-5285 KOM
The functionality of the inverted polarity output I/O tag (Dout) has been fixed.
At the same time, the behavior of the output I/O tags in the Modbus Server protocol was corrected. The values of the output I/O tags after the correction correspond to the assigned values and not to the values sent to the communication (these are different if the inverse polarity for Dout is activated or the conversion to technical units for Ao, Co is configured).

D2D-5503 KOM
The following error that occurred on Serial and Moxa IP Serial lines when setting Handhaking = Custom was fixed:
If DTR/DSR handshaking was selected, the DTR setting was dependent not only on the Invert setting but also on whether DTR=0 or DTR=1 (while these settings were disabled in the CNF).
If RTS/CTS handshaking was selected, the RTS setting depended not only on the Invert setting but also on whether RTS=0 or RTS=1 (while these settings were disabled in the CNF).
After correction, the appropriate setting is 1 (ON) or 0 (OFF) if the Invert option is checked.
In practice, these settings were used for older types of converters (eg RS232 / RS485), where the access to the bus was controlled by DTR or RTS signal.

************** 19.5.2020 ****************

D2D-5571 KOM
An error has been fixed in the IEC 62056-21:2002 Serial protocol, which caused the loss of values at the time of the transition from winter time to summer time (e.g 29.3.2020 at 2:00 am).
The error occurred if the electrometer also sent a winter/summer time flag (characters '0' or '1' at the beginning of the date).

************** 1.7.2020 ******************

D2D-5644 ARC
The malfunction of the calculated archive object has been fixed. The malfunction (archive object stopped being calculated) occurred with the following sequence:
- an XML import of the archive object was performed (without changing the configuration, i.e. maintaining the modification time)
- the archive object was subsequently edited or an XML import was performed with a configuration change.
Such an archive object stopped being calculated until the archive was restarted.

************** 27.8.2020 ******************

HD2D-5655 KOM
A  bug in the BACnet protocol was fixed. This bug could cause reading of values on a particular BACnet station to stop working.
The error manifested itself on UDP lines in a configuration with a larger number of stations and a higher communication load.

D2D-5685 KOM
An error in the OPC protocol was fixed, which could lead to a crash of the KOM process at the start of browsing (depending on the specific OPC server).

************** 7.12.2020 ******************

D2D-5784 ARC
An error in the archive that affected periodic script-filled archives has been fixed. Their local cache was filled when inserting into archives and was never deleted.
If an isochronous cache was configured in the archive, its depth was gradually reduced and subsequently the memory consumed by the archive increased.

D2D-5786 KOM
A bug was fixed in the KOM process that caused it to crash if the I/O tags were deleted, while all stations with a specific protocol on the parent line were turned off from the start of the KOM process.
The error applies to protocols:
OPC UA Client
OPC XML Data Access 1.01 Client

D2D-5794 ARC
In the D2000 Archive process, the TrezorReadSinceCreate parameter has been added, which allows you to restrict reading from depositoriess to those depositories that are not older than ""Create Time"" - the time of creation of the respective archive object.

D2D-5815 KOM
A bug was fixed in the KOM process that could cause the occurrence of values with ValType=NaN (but gValType is correct, e.g. Bo) if the I/O tags were configured with process alarms.

D2D-5731 KOM
In the D2000 KOM process, the memory leak that occurred when using text I/O tags in OEM protocols was fixed. A memory leak was inside the callback function PointNewValue.

D2D-5795 KOM
A bug in the Modbus Server protocol was fixed. It could cause clients that connected to the Modbus Server to read incorrect register values after restarting the KOM process.

D2D-5756 KOM
A bug in Modbus Client / Server protocols was fixed. It caused an I/O tag to be ""forgotten"" after editing (or XML import) of another I/O tag that had the same address, differing only in the Modbus function number - e.g. I/O tag with address I3.0 caused malfunctioning of an I/O tag with address I4.0 (register on address 0 in the address spaces Holding register (3) and Input Registers(4)).
In the Modbus Server protocol, the ""forgotten"" I/O tag became Invalid when a new value was written to it.
Workaround: a restart of the KOM process after an I/O tag was edited.

D2D-5821 KOM
Several errors have been fixed in the KOM process that could cause the KOM process to crash in different states (eg when switching redundancy) if stations with different communication protocols were configured on the line.
The error concerned protocols:
Fisher-Rosemount RS3 SCI
Honeywell Excel C-Bus
OPC Data Access 2.05 & 3.0
OPC Historical Data Access 1.20
OPC XML Data Access 1.01

D2D-5848 ARC
If the calculated archive used the %Arc_GetValue function over the periodic/statistics archive that was calculated on-read and the time used in the %Arc_GetValue function did not match the times for which the source archive was to be calculated, then the %Arc_GetValue function could return bad results.
The fix handles the time specified in the %Arc_GetValue function and adjusts it to the periodicity of the source statistical/calculated archive.
Possible workaround: alignment of time used for the %Arc_GetValue function to a required period.

D2D-5847 ARC
An error in the archive that caused an interval recalculation malfunction (e.g., for the RECALC tell command) was fixed for a calculated archive that did not use other archives in the expression (i.e., a constant computation or a value derived from @EvalTime).
Possible workaround: artificial addition of source archive (e.g. change of expression ""Hour(@EvalTime)"" to ""Hour(@EvalTime) + H.Day - H.Day"").

***************** 25.8.2021 ********************

D2D-5887 CNF
A bug was fixed in CNF that made it impossible to enter a negative UTC offset (in objects of type Database, Historical value, Eval tag and Station).

D2D-5997 KOM
In the BACnet protocol, the behavior for I/O tags with their own Read/Subscribe period in the event of a communication failure has been fixed. The fix is to prevent the generation of read requests when such requests have already been generated. The fix prevents the queue from being overflowed with requests to read such I/O tags.

D2D-6018 ARC
A bug was fixed in the implementation of the INSERTARCHARR action. If this action was called with an empty structured variable, requests to recalculate dependent archive objects were generated unnecessarily.

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