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Communication possibilities of IPESOFT D2000®

The D2000 application server implements a broad set of communications standards and protocols, and is therefore suited for successful deployment in applications that require the integration of a diverse computing environment.
A list of all supported protocols and extensive documentation to most of them is available online.

Protocols in power industry

  • ABB SRIO X3.28 - a communication with protection devices by ABB (communication unit SRIO 500M for use in SPACOM protections system)
  • ABB Elektro - reading data from electrometers, collected by ABB Microscada system and published as files
  • ABB SPA-Bus - data reading/writing from the digital protection modules of High Voltage devices by ABB
  • DLMS/COSEM - a serial communication with the devices by binary HDLC protocol
  • IEC 60870-6 ICCP/TASE.2 - a communication among control centres based on MMS
  • IEC 61850 - communication with Intelligent Electronic Devices ( IED) at electrical substations (breakers, protections, transformers, switches etc)
  • IEC62056-21:2002 Serial - a communication with electrometers, a serial variant
  • IEC62056-21:2002 File I/O - a communication with electrometers, a file-based variant
  • Incos/VUVT PMEL 04 - a communication with Incos/VUVT PM_EL 04 impulse electrometers
  • L&G TOCCATA - a communication with Landis&Gyr (PRU1.64,RWP80,PRU10.64,PRV2.128) via protocol Toccata 1 and 2
  • L&G TOCCATA via UNIP2 - a communication with KPX-02 devices and RMMBX radio modems designated for an autonomous data acquisition via TOCCATA protocol
  • MESIT Devices - a communication with a capacity level sensor by MESIT company
  • MODBUS Circutor CVM - data reading from Circutor CVMk analyzers using MODBUS RTU MASTER protocol
  • MODBUS Client - a serial communication based on MODBUST RTU and MODBUS ASCII standards, TCP communication based on MODBUS TCP standard or MODBUS over TCP variant
  • MODBUS Server - a server (slave) implementation of MODBUS RTU and MODBUS TCP
  • MODBUS RTU Quad2000 - a communication with the Quad 2000 control systems of Cooper turbo-compressors
  • MODBUS Valmet Damatic RTU - data reading from a Valmet Damatic control system via RTU GTW:LIS gateway using RTU version of MODBUS protocol,
  • MODBUS SCT PPU - a communication with telemetric stations for remote gas measurement
  • Remia E3 - a communication with a controller of quarter hour maximum of Remia EEE
  • Telegyr 809 Server - a protocol that implements the server-side of Telegyr TG809 standard (in both line and system redundant configurations)
  • Transcon DAP 128TC - data reading and writing into ‘Transcon DAP 128TC’ and ‘Temar PRES-COM V2.00’ devices
  • VONSCH VQfrem 400 - a communication with vector frequency converters VQfrem by VONSCH

Protocols for control systems and electronics

  • ALYA Gina - reading of the weighted values from scales (can be used only when one scale is connected to the line)
  • ALYA Lubrications - data reading/writing from the controllers of ALYA lubricant reservoirs
  • ALYA MMP - a communication with ALYA communication computer handling data collection from barcode readers and ALYA multi-measurement station (MMP)
  • ALYA SPOOL - reading of the weighted values from the scales (can be used with several scales connected to the line)
  • ALYA VT200 - reading of the weighted values from the VT200 scale, reading of the net weight and tare, reading of keyboard, reading of barcodes, and controlling the built-in monochromatic LCD graphic display
  • AMiT ATOUCH32 DB-Net - data acquisition from AMiT devices (ADiS modular control system, ART267, ART4000, AMiRiS and AMAP compatible control systems and others; terminals such as APT3000 and others)
  • AMiT ARION - a communication with the remote I/O modules by AMiT via ARION protocol
  • Microtel 700 - a communication with RTU used in gas industry
  • MEN-SMB2 device - a communication for controlling I/O peripherals with integrated SMB2 interface of MEN industrial computers
  • MDIS device - a communication for controlling I/O peripherals and HW of watchdog of MEN industrial computers
  • OneSoft devices - data acquisition (in case of SOFTCONTROL and OMOS devices also data writing) from heat meters and control systems by OneSoft company

Automated and network protocols

  • Advantech ADAM 4000 Series - data reading/writing into Advantech ADAM series 4000 devices
  • Advantech ADAM 5000 DeviceNet - a communication with ADAM 5000 modules
  • Allen-Bradley CSP/PCC - a communication with Allen-Bradley SLC500 series through TCP connection, also via DF1 gateway with SLCs that communicate via DH+ or DH485
  • Allen-Bradley DF1 Full Duplex - a communication with Allen-Bradley SLC-500 series
  • Allen-Bradley DH485 - a communication  for a direct connection to DH485 bus through the communication card KMFB02
  • BACnet - Building Automation and Control Networks is an implementation ANSI/ASHRAE 135-2001 standard for controlling of intelligent buildings
  • Echelon LonTalk - a communication with LonWorks 3150 and 3120 ‘neuron’ chips
  • Ethernet/IP - communication with PLCs, motors, and other process level devices
  • Fisher-Rosemount RS3 RNI - data reading/writing into Fisher-Rosemount RS3 system via RNI Ethernet network interface
  • Fisher-Rosemount RS3 SCI - a communication for a data transmission from/to the SCI interface of the Fisher-Rosemount RS3 control system
  • HOPF Mains Voltage Analysis Board 7515 - a communication with a frequency meter Mains Voltage Analysis Board 7515
  • IEC 870-5-101 - standard IEC 60870-5-101:2003 with ‘unbalanced’ (master and slave) and ‘balanced’ modes support
  • IEC 870-5-104 Client - data reading/writing using IEC870-5-104 protocol, based on TCP network communication – client side, including the support of balanced mode and redundancy
  • IEC 870-5-104 Server - data reading/writing using IEC870-5-104, based on TCP network communication – server side, including the support of balanced mode and redundancy
  • IEC 870-5-104 Sinaut - a communication protocol for IEC870-5-104 modified for the needs of Sinaut Spectrum system
  • Johnson Controls N2-Bus - data reading/writing into Johnson Controls devices of DX9100 series equipped with a serial port for N2 Bus
  • LoRaWAN/Sigfox - a communication with devices which communicate through LoRaWAN and Sigfox (low-power IoT technologies)
  • MT Printer - this protocol can be used to print the measurements and event information on a specialized Mettler Toledo printers
  • MQTT Client - an M2M communication (Machine to machine) in the IoT (Internet of Things) context
  • NMEA-0183 - a communication with GPS receivers that send data according to NMEA-0183 standard
  • Orange GDEP - sending and receiving of SMS and MMS messages, processing of WAP requirements and playing of SMS games
  • PCMBA/IEC870-FT1.2 - a direct communication with RTU devices on gas control stations
  • PCMBA/IEC870-FT1.2 Scan - a passive (read-only) variant of this protocol suitable for data acquisiton by listening to existing communication
  • Terminal LFC (IEC 870-5) - data reading/writing using IEC870-5-101 protocol with special modifications for LFC terminals by Energodata company
  • RFE - a communication with röntgen analyser of chemical composition of material
  • Siemens SAPHIR - configuration and monitoring of the controllers of Saphir and Climatix product line by Siemens
  • Siemens SIMATIC S7 ISO - data reading/writing from SIMATIC S7-300, S7-400, S7-1200, S7-1500 and LOGO series by Siemens
  • SMS gateway - a support of sending/receiving of SMS and dialling/receiving of calls
  • SNMP - monitoring and administration of network components via SNMP v.1 protocol
  • Teltonika Codec14 - data acquisition from GPRS/GSM devices ‘Fleet Management Systems Unit’ Teltonika of FM4200 type

Industrial control protocols

  • Contal CR - a communication with a contactless scanner of Contal BCR-PD cards
  • Datalogger ESC8800 -  a communication with dataloggers ESC 8800 (emissions measurement) by Environmental Systems Corporation company
  • Datalogger ESC8816 - a communication with dataloggers ESC 8816, DLX1, and EDL 15 (emissions measurement)
  • Elcor ELGAS-2 (CP II) - a communication with gas-volume recalculating devices ELCOR-2 and microELCOR-2 by ELGAS
  • Elcor ELGAS Daniel - a communication with gas-volume recalculating device ELCOR-94 directly or through the DATCOOM concentrator
  • HART - a communication via HART protocols using HART RS and HART ETH converters by Papouch company by means of ESL script
  • Hivus - a communication with control units (RJ) and dataloggers (HDL) by Hivus company
  • Honeywell Excel C-Bus - a communication with Honeywell devices based on C-Bus communication bus, the protocol supports Honeywell devices of EXCEL series (XL20, XL50, 500,…)
  • Hydrolab DATASONDE 4a TTY - reading data from Hydrolab DATASONDE 4a TTY devices
  • ID-Innovations RFID ASCII Protocol – reading ID data from RFID modules of ID series by ID-Innovations
  • ID-Karta IdxAPI - data reading/writing form the identification cards ID-Karta scanners of ID898 and ID898K types
  • IND690 - a configuration and data acquisition form the weighing terminal Mettler Toledo IND690
  • L&G PRV FUGGA - data reading/writing into Landis&Gyr PRV 1.xx and 2.xx devices
  • L&G PROFIBUS PLC - a communication with Landis&Gyr devices based on ProfiBus communication protocol
  • M-Bus Rev. 4.8 - data reading from devices which support M-Bus protocol according to the Rev. 4.8 specification
  • MODBUS SCT PPU - a communication with telemetric stations for remote gas measurement by SCT
  • OPC Data Access 2.05 & 3.0 Client - a communication with OPC DA servers according to OPC DA version 2.05A and 3.0 specification and OPC HDA servers according to OPC HDA version 1.20 specification
  • OPC Data Access Server - a communication with OPC DA clients
  • OPC Historical Data Access 1.20 Client - a communication with OPC (OLE for Process Control) HDA servers according to the OPC HDA version 1.20 specification
  • OPC Unified Architecture Data Access Client - a communication with OPC Unified Access servers – next generation of OPC
  • OPC Unified Architecture Data Access Server - a communication with OPC UA Clients
  • OPC XML Data Access 1.01 Client - a transitive protocol between the OPC Data Access Client and OPC Unified Architecture Data Access Client
  • Paufex DIRAS - a communication with DIRAS control system by Paufex
  • Paufex DIRAS-B - a communication with DIRAS control system by Paufex, data reading is done more effectively (using block reading) than in the original version of Paufex DIRAS protocol
  • Premex CALMEX II - reading data form multifunctional calorimeter counters of VKP and VKPs types
  • Servomex XENTRA 4900 - data reading from continual analyser of emissions XENTRA 4900 by Servomex
  • Siemens SIMATIC 3964(R) - data reading from PLC SIMATIC S5 and S7 series by Siemens via serial communication module
  • Siemens SIMATIC RK512 - data reading/writing form PLC Siemens SIMATIC S5 and S7 series via serial communication module
  • ZPA INMAT 64/65 - reading data from measurement centrals (calorimeters) INMAT 64 and INMAT 65
  • ZPA INMAT 51/66 - reading data /writing from measurement centrals (calorimeters) INMAT 66 and INMAT 51

Seldom-used and other protocols

  • Generic User Protocol - generic protocol used for implementation of simple protocols by means of ESL script, or JAVA language
  • GPIO protocol - communication via inputs/outputs of Raspberry PI and RPI-based Techbase NPE X500
  • OMV24 - a communication with gas partners through TRANSGAS - RUHRGAS - OMV protocol
  • Alfa Laval Combimass - a communication with Alfa Laval Flow Combimass flow meter
  • ASCII Client/Server - a generic text-oriented protocol
  • Diamo-L KOS/SOS - a communication with RTU Diamo-L KOS/SOS station
  • Honeywell PCNM - a communication with Honeywell PCNM server
  • KMZ Lite Protocol - a communication with GPRS/GSM devices by Teltonika company, basic version
  • KMZ Protocol - a communication with GPRS/GSM devices by Teltonika company, extended version
  • MODBUS Telemecanique TSX - a communication with TSX PLC by Telemecanique company via variant of the Modbus protocol
  • Plantscape ODBC - a communication with Honeywell Plantscape system via ODBC interface
  • Remia KME - a communication with the concentrator of electrometers
  • SAE RTU - a communication with RTU by SAE Control Žilina company for remote monitoring of gas control station
  • SHMU Data - a communication with SHMU (Slovak Hydro Meteorologic Institue) via modem connection
  • Wonderware Industrial SQL - a communication with  Wonderware Historian server
  • Wonderware InBatch API - a communication with Wonderware InBatch system

If communication via yet-unsupported protocol is required, please contact us. Desired protocol can be implemented by our team or - if you are interested - existing KomAPI interface can be used to write your own implementation.

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