IPESOFT D2000 InfoDay 2021

Miroslav Rechtorik

February 23 2021, 3 min read

On the 11th of February, we organized a workshop called IPESOFT D2000 InfoDay 2021. In comparison with previous workshops, InfoDay 2021 was truly special. It was held exclusively online. The unfavorable pandemic situation may have limited the possibility of meeting in person, but it didn’t stop us from introducing new features of the D2000 universal application platform to our partners.

During the workshop, we introduced the latest version of the D2000 titled version V21. The meticulous planning and the cooperation of our partners resulted in a smooth transition into the online world. The workshop was held via a videoconference. A record number of participants took part in the workshop and fully utilized the videoconference capabilities in order to carry out an interactive discussion about the new features of the D2000 universal application platform. To make the workshop more efficient, detailed information about the individual new features was transferred to informative videos. The links to individual videos will be published gradually on our website and social media.

The previous IPESOFT D2000 workshops were always a pleasant experience providing a place for interactions between the D2000 development team and our partners. To preserve these conditions, we decided to implement some of the long-lasting traditions to the online environment as well. One of the nice little traditions is the possibility to enter a contest and win a prize.  This year, 3 lucky winners walked away with 3 delicious prices.

The workshop was opened by the head of SD-ITS division Rastislav Gaňa. He provided the basic overview of the new D2000 version, its main new customer benefits, and explained the reasons why is the new version titled V21 and not V13. The change of the update strategy also reflects the innovation of the release and support strategies. If you didn’t have the chance to participate in the workshop and want to learn more about the new benefits brought by the V21, stay tuned on our website and social media. We will bring you a detailed article about the mentioned topic soon.

The main part of the workshop was dedicated to providing information about the new features of the D2000 V21. The overview of the new features was presented by our head of development Boris Čonto. The D2000 V21 brings many new innovations in design, security, and user experience. The most important new features are:

·         Configuration and Version Control

·         Extended Security

·         License Management

·         Communication & integration

·         User Interface & User Experience

·         D2000 Real Factory

The presentation of the new features was also the main topic for interactive discussion between the D2000 development team and the workshop participants.

The workshop also included short presentations from our online marketing specialist Miroslav Rechtorík, who introduced the online marketing activities focused on providing relevant content to our partners. This includes the tutorials and other blog posts on our website and our social media content.

To efficiently utilize the online environment and provide all the information about the new version of D2000, the information was disseminated into the InfoDay workshop, detailed videos, articles on our website, and detailed workshops and training. Our colleague Ľubor Čirský promoted the individual workshops and training with a short presentation during the InfoDay 2021. Continuous education is a critical source of innovation and feedback. For that reason, we prepared a series of workshops. The topics and dates can be seen in the picture below:

The workshops further explain the specific features. They also provide a more interactive environment, in which the participants can consult the individual issues with our professional staff.

Subsequently Lubor introduced the D2000 V21 training plan for 2021. Individual training sessions take 1 or multiple days an go to much further detail. This year they were also moved to the online environment. The scope of the training sessions is designed to provide all the necessary space for a detail introduction of the feature and for discussion and interaction between the lector and the training participants.

If you are interested in some of the workshops or training, send us an email at info@ipesoft.com.

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