Introducing the D2000 V21

Miroslav Rechtorik

February 28 2021, 4 min read

Over the last few months, we have been giving you some minor glimpses of the D2000 universal application platform latest version. As you probably already know, we are truly proud of the D2000 platform and its many benefits. Its cross-platform compatibility, connectivity to a vast array of PLCs and databases, support of open standard technologies, and rapid development and deployment make it an ideal platform for any SCADA or MES system.

The world of industrial automation is constantly changing and evolving. To provide our partners with the best product, we are constantly innovating our application platform. The last year was truly challenging for all the international companies in the field of industrial automation. The D2000 development team did not allow the global pandemic to slow their innovation efforts and managed to finish a new version of the D2000 titled V21. The V21 was officially introduced during the online IPESOFT D2000 InfoDay 2021 workshop.

It will be soon officially released and available for download on our website. Follow the news on our website and our social media and you wont miss it.

Thanks to the new features, the D2000 application platform has a more modern design and is even more compatible, secure, and user-friendly.

The new version brings significant innovations in many areas. Even the designation of the version – “V21” marks a significant change in the update and support strategy.

As our partners certainly know, the last released version had a designation “V12.2”. So, why is the new version titled “V21”? There are a couple of reasons. The first one is simple – the release year of the version is 2021. Until now, we released an updated version of the platform every 2 years. From now on, new versions will be released yearly. Since the update strategy was innovated, it was a perfect opportunity to innovate the version title.

This way the V21 comes in 2021, V22 will be released in 2022, V23 in 2023, and so on. This simple change makes it much easier to keep track of your D2000 license for everybody. The yearly release strategy also makes it easier to keep track of your standard support.

What are the new features and innovations of the V21?

The overview of the main new features can be seen in the following picture:

The scope of the new features and their impact on developing and maintaining the SCADA and MES systems is vast. In this short article, we will only briefly introduce the individual new features and their benefits for users.

The first two brand new tools implemented in the V21 innovate and broaden the D2000 configuration and version control capabilities. The version control system based on Git technology enables tracking of all changes made in the application development process. The programming itself has been made more efficient by the implementation of the new ESL editor. Both tools make the D2000 more user-friendly and help to improve the efficiency of the application development process.

The new features falling into the extended security and license management categories react to the current needs of our customers to continuously update our security features and mitigate the new threats emerging in the cyber world. Thanks to them the V21 is more secure.

Innovations in the area of communication & integration make the new version even more compatible. Several new communication protocols were added and new features like the access to D2000 data from the Python programing language were introduced.

Arguably, the most visible innovations brought by the D2000 V21 are the changes in the user interface and user experience. The D2000 went through a significant visual makeover. Thanks to the new visual, it has a more modern design than the previous versions.

The last big change was titled the D2000 Real Factory Design.  This truly revolutionary new feature will significantly broaden the possibilities for the developers using our platform in the future. New types of objects called Device definition and Device serve as structural variables and help to streamline the development process.

The detailed description of the D2000 V21 new features is coming

In the following weeks, we will be releasing other articles that will be dedicated to the new features. They will go to much further detail and describe the new features and their benefits. And that is not all!

We decided to enrich our content by creating detailed videos about the new D2000 V21.

Just to give you a little taste. This is the first of the produced videos dedicated to the introduction of the new D2000 Version control system. A detailed article about the topic will be coming out soon. For now, watch the video by our colleague Ján Lališ. He works as a senior SW developer in the D2000 development team.


The objective of this article was to inform our readers and partners about the main innovations brought by the D2000 V21. The D2000 development team put a lot of effort into the new version. It would be impossible to fully introduce all the new features and innovations. Detailed articles and videos will introduce the features of the latest version in further detail. In the videos, you will get all the necessary information from our experienced members of the D2000 development team. The videos will be published on the IPESOFT social media (Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter). If you are not yet following our social media, this would be a great time to start. If you are following them, watch closely so you don’t miss anything. We will be also posting some design changes in the D2000 application platform user interface.

For those who prefer detailed information in text format, we will also introduce all the new features using news posts on our website.

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